Introducing Lorraine Jones, Splashout General Painter …

My long association with Splashout Art Studios began with a Christmas gift from my husband. It was a weekend workshop with Cat Leonard.

I had some previous experience painting and had attended several short courses and workshops over a few years.  I immediately felt comfortable in the Splashout environment and decided to sign up for a term’s painting. I had been looking for somewhere to extend my painting abilities and be amongst like-minded people. It felt like a good place to do that.  I began in the General Painting group and that term has turned into 6 years!

I have kept returning to learn more and extend my painting experience.  Each term is a new adventure and Krysia gives you the confidence to explore new techniques and challenges. Some processes are more challenging than others, but I always learn something new and push myself to achieve the brief. Because of this, I think my painting skills have developed enormously from where I began.

The studio has beautiful views and provides a great environment for being creative.  There is usually music playing in the background and we are surrounded by the completed artworks of our fellow students hung on the walls. This is inspirational and encouraging if you are learning new techniques.  We have learnt many styles of painting over the years, from abstract to Impressionism and Fauvism. We’ve had mini workshops, learn about collage, created our own still life settings, used limited palette and so much more. We have also looked at many artists and learn about their techniques.

We all have the opportunity to exhibit and sell our paintings in the Splashout Art Gallery.  When I made my first sale, it was such a thrill. I have now sold a few of my paintings and it’s a special feeling when a stranger wants to take something you’ve created and put it in their home. I was also thrilled to be the recipient of a merit award at the Campbelltown Rotary Art Show.

Splashout has been a positive experience for me and my painting adventure. I have learnt so much and believe my painting style has developed enormously. I have more confidence now and can achieve more than I ever though I could. It is a very positive environment, and we all encourage one another.

If I was to give any advice to anyone beginning this experience, I would say be brave and just put the paint on.  If it doesn’t work, you can paint over and start again.  Be kind to yourself and try not to compare your work with others.  We all have our own way of painting and expressing ourselves.