Pictured: accepting Jenny's posthumous Award - Krysia Ciesiolkiewicz with Amanda Wilson, Mayor City of Holdfast Bay

Splashout Proprietor/Manager, Krysia Ciesiolkiewicz was invited to attend the City of Holdfast ‘Australia Day’ Award Ceremony on 26 January for Jenny Tuck.

At the Ceremony, Jenny was formally recognised with a posthumous ‘Community Recognition’ Award for her contribution to the Brighton Community, which she dearly loved.

Sarah Tinney (Head Marilyn and friend of Splashout) was also recognised for her fundraising through the ‘Marilyn Jetty Swim’, a cause that Jenny was very passionate about. Sarah received an ‘Australia Day’ award for her tireless efforts.  Congratulations to Sarah and her Team for your amazing work in raising over $500,000 for Cancer Council SA.

Below is the speech made by the CEO of City of Holdfast, Roberto Bria:

“Today we are also formally recognizing posthumously the valuable contribution a member of our community has made  – our ‘Community Recognition Award’ goes to Jenny Tuck.

Jenny was a lover of the arts and the owner of Splashout Studios on Jetty Road Brighton. She established the Jetty Road Brighton Trader organization and then created both their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Additionally, Jenny started the children’s sculpture competition, organised the bushfire appeal day and helped Sarah Tinney with the Marilyns, while also undertaking fundraising for multiple charities.

Jenny’s work didn’t stop there. Not only was she an outstanding business operator, who loved her Jetty Road Brighton, she was great at building people up, while being supportive and caring about them. She loved to see people and the Jetty Road Brighton traders succeed.

Please join me in congratulating the extraordinary achievements of Jenny, the heart and soul of our community. The world is a better place for having had her in it.

I would like to invite Krysia to come forward to accept Jenny’s Award on her behalf.”

Krysia accepted the Award and having lived and worked with Jenny for 28 years, understands why she gained this recognition.  Please read the following comment by Krysia:

“Jenny would possibly have said: “I don’t quite understand the fuss, this is what I have chosen to do, this is my service because I know I can.”

Jenny would pick up the gauntlet when anyone said it couldn’t be done.
This was her cue to step up and apply her knowhow.

She had exceptional Leadership and Managerial skills and qualities; passion and drive for what she believed in; follow through when others would give up; outstanding communication skills; 100% Commitment.
She was an amazing risk taker; her motto being “believing is seeing”.

She had clarity and vision. Failure was not an option. She was a rare breed.
Jenny chose to walk the road less travelled.  She dared to be different.

Jenny will be sadly missed by all who knew, loved and understood her.

I am sure Jenny is witnessing this from her place in Heaven.

Pictured: Sarah Tinney (and family) with Amanda Wilson, Mayor of City of Holdfast
Jenny Tuck - "The Lady Mayoress of Brighton" (coined by Amanda Wilson, the real Mayor of Holdfast Bay)


Please visit the Cancer Council SA website HERE
where a Tribute page has been created for your generous donations.