Beginner Art Classes

"I always do the things I can't do, that's how I learn to do them" - Pablo Picasso

Splashout Art Studios specialises in highly effective programs for absolute beginners.  The learning process has been carefully developed over 14 years and is absolutely ideal for people with no experience whatsoever (or artists wanting a 'back to basics refresher').


Clients attend a group session once a week for 10 weeks in their chosen time slot. Tutors explain, show and demonstrate while introducing tried and proven exercises that facilitate learning in the various skills and techniques.  Sessions are two and half hours in length, with a set break part way through.  Each session is designed to build on the previous one, which is why full attendance is essential.  By the end of the two courses, providing you have participated in the various processes, you will be fully conversant, skilled, confident and ready to go, with all you need to move forward into your art practice.  PLEASE NOTE:  If a session is missed, the time cannot be made up.  However, the tutors will assist all they can to help you catch up.

The Splashout Beginners' Program is presented in two stages, with two consecutive courses over two terms.

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Stage 1 - 'Introduction to Drawing & Painting' Course (10 week term)


Stage 2 - Intermediate Drawing & Painting' Course (10 week term)


Term 1       Saturday 28 January - Friday 7 April (10 weeks)
Term 2      Saturday 29 April - Friday 7 July (10 weeks)
Term 3      Saturday 22 July - Friday 29 September (10 weeks)
Term 4      Saturday 14 October - Friday 15 December (9 weeks)