Welcome to ‘Introduction to Drawing & Painting’

View our first video which is a special message from the Splashout Proprietors, Jenny Tuck and Krystyna Ciesiolkiewicz Dip T BEd (Fine Arts)

Introduction – Project 1/Stage 1


Any type of product can be used to complete this Project:

  • oil paint
  • acrylic paint
  • watercolour
  • pastel
  • coloured pencils

Anything you can get your hands on to complete the exercise !

Introduction – Project 1/Stage 2

Introduction – Project 1/Stage 3

This is designed as a 1 week project.

When you feel you are half way through the project, please send in a progress photo via email to art@splashout.net.au
Krystyna Ciesiolkiewicz, our Head Tutor, will respond to your email with feedback and comments to assist you on your way.

When you feel your project is finished and complete, kindly take a photograph and send in to Krystyna (Head Tutor) who will make comment and feedback on how well you have progressed.
Remember to email only to art@splashout.net.au

Splashout Art Studios ‘Fill the Gap’ online art education will only be via email.  All other forms of communication will not be seen.  We are only checking emails at this time.

Thanks for joining the ‘Fill the Gap’ online programs.
More news will be coming to you soon via email, so get ready for your next project which will be coming later.


We’ve had an amazing response to our Online Art Classes.  Here are a few examples from our ‘Introduction’ members: