Welcome to Intermediate Drawing and Painting

PROJECT 2 – FLYING RATTY (1 week exercise)

This project is simply an exercise and a bit of fun within which you may develop your powers of observation and ability to transfer a photo into a painting.

When you are half way, please email in a progress photo via email to art@splashout.net.au
One of our qualified Tutors will respond with feedback.

On completion, please email in a photograph for final feedback.

Remember to email only to art@splashout.net.au (communication will only be via email).  All other forms of communication will not be seen. 

Congratulations on becoming a ‘Fill the Gap’ member.


Any type of product can be used to complete this Project:

  • oil paint
  • acrylic paint
  • watercolour
  • pastel
  • coloured pencils

Anything you can get your hands on to complete the exercise !

Feel free to use one of the still shots below for your Project.

Printable version – click HERE


Email a photo of your final project to art@splashout.net.au (adding “FINAL” in the email subject line helps)