Welcome to Intermediate Drawing and Painting

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Any type of product can be used to complete this Project:

  • oil paint
  • acrylic paint
  • watercolour
  • pastel
  • coloured pencils

Anything you can get your hands on to complete the exercise !


This process demonstrates the subtle transition of tonal gradation.
It involves transition of darkest to lightest tones and then back up to dark with a different colour.

A Tip. The pressure of your brush will make the difference.

This is not about going at it like a ‘bull at a gate’ it requires a fair amount of finesse.

Simply hit the arrow and enjoy the presentation (12.41 minutes).

Feel free to send in your progress photos via art@splashout.net.au and definitely please send in your final finished artwork to which our Tutors will reply.


We’ve had a great response to our Online Art Classes.  Here are a couple of examples from our ‘Intermediate’ members: