Focal Point Drawing

Presented by Guest Artist Lauryn Arnott – Master of Visual Arts (MVA)

  • Time:
  • Fee: $175- includes materials and refreshments
  • Location: Splashout Art Studios, 5 Ravine Street, Marino, SA.


“Paintings are both composed and constructed. While their meaning is largely subjective, their construction is objectively defined. In this drawing workshop I will guide you to a better understanding of the principals and applications of how to compose and construct good paintings.

Through the use of simple diagrams and drawing exercises you will learn skills and strategies on how to influence the way that your viewer looks at and experiences your drawings (and paintings) by creating pathways within the work and to break away from working from photographs only.

You will develop confidence and skills in observational drawing – ‘drawing what you see not what you think you see’, with an appreciation and understanding of how to apply drawing strategies. For example contour line, negative space, tonal realism & the principals of shading. Also how to create an interplay between focus and detail, fast and slow marks and scale relationships. We will also explore how to use the Picture View Finder, Gridding Up and Depth of Field including how to use the camera as an editing tool.”

“A good drawing or painting needs a good composition to lead the viewer’s eye and make the viewer feel like they are in the scene. Leading the viewer to a Focal Point is essential, composition is a tool for this purpose. Placing objects in a conscious way, creating shapes and pathways for the eye and create balance is important, this leads the viewer to see certain elements of the image. These paths can be blocked off by objects; it is important to avoid leading the viewer out of the image frame, but instead make the viewer focus on the Focal Point.

Giving the Focal Point area the highest contrast, by using the lightest and darkest values in that area of the image is another effective technique. The details in this area are more important than in the rest of the image, because it is where the viewer looks.”


During the workshop, you will be looking at the works of Contemporary artist, David Hockney and Old Master, Paul Cezanne, with a focus on their techniques and use of composition. You will discover you can learn to draw much like we all learn to read and write. Lauryn Arnott is a long time associate of Splashout Art Studios. She has run classes and workshops several times over the past few years and we are delighted to welcome her back. We highly recommend this Workshop be you a beginner or even an experienced artist. There is never enough you can learn about setting up your drawing as preparation for your paintings and Lauryn knows how to show you these skills.

Many clients have testified that their time learning with Lauryn has enhanced and improved their output considerably.


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