Fundamental Figures

Presented by Guest Artist Lauryn Arnott – Master of Visual Arts (MVA)

With a professional Artist Model who will carry out various poses throughout the Workshop for you to be able to learn and develop your skills in live ‘Life Drawing’ ! (included in your fee)

  • NEXT WORKSHOP: Sunday 4 February 2018
  • Time: 12.00 – 5.00 pm (doors open 11.30 am)
  • Fee: $205 – includes model fee
  • Location: Splashout Art Studios, 5 Ravine Street, Marino, SA.
  • Complimentary refreshments are served throughout.

Lauryn explains the workshop . . . “People can be taught how to draw, much like learning how to read and write. Whatever drawing toolbox is used, whether it is a pencil, a paintbrush or an iPad, understanding the fundamentals of visual language that are learned from drawing, will allow you as the artist, to master any means of visual expression and have the freedom to discover the limitless possibilities of art”.

About The Workshop

In this workshop Lauryn will guide you through an introductory approach to drawing techniques. Starting with learning how to do draw using line, followed by observational exercises looking at the fall of light on the subject to create form using tonal values. In the final exercise you will use a little colour and learn about cool and hot tonal values of colour and how one can use that to portray depth within your work.

The focus is on a traditional approach to drawing, i.e. learning ‘how draw what you see not what you think you see’ You with learn the foundational skills and techniques such as understanding: form, tonal realism, value (grey scale), line, how to use negative and positive shapes to create composition. Each participant will be encouraged to develop their own individual style of drawing.

Who can attend:

This general drawing workshop is designed for students/professionals and beginners.

What to bring:

Nothing. Everything will be provided

Splashout proprietor: Krsystyna Ciesiolkiewicz says . . . “Lauryn will show you how to develop these important drawing techniques which are the building blocks that one can use to construct drawings – this is the foundation upon which all traditional visual art is made.”

About the presenter:

Lauryn Arnott is a visual artist, teacher and workshop designer/facilitator. Known for her fun, innovative projects and techniques designed to assist participants explore a spontaneous and playful approach to art and seeing and experiencing their world. Lauryn’s love of history and her drawing abilities earned her the 2006 Association of Commonwealth Universities Art Prize in a competition titled ‘A place in the world.’ In 2007 she was the first to be awarded a ‘Master’s of Visual Arts’ Degree from ‘Adelaide Central school of Art’.


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