Fred’s Van Appeal



Hi to all Friends of Splashout

We’re calling on you again because you always come through for any urgent worthwhile cause. This one is very urgent !

Winter is fast approaching and one of our Splashout artists is desperately needing assistance in helping feed the thousands of people experiencing hardship, homelessness and disadvantage in the Southern area.

Splashout Tuesday afternoon General Painting member, Mary Dittmar (pictured) is the ‘boss’ volunteer for Fred’s Van (Christies Downs).  Please read a recent article all about our long-standing cooking legend, Mary, in the Onkaparinga newsletter ‘Onkaparinga Now’ HERE.

Splashout’s very generous network has helped Fred’s Van in the past and a couple of years ago we were even able to donate a large, commercial-sized brand new fridge for the ‘Fred’s Van’ kitchen. Now it’s time for the Rice Cooker !


We are earnestly asking you all to please put in even the smallest of donations to assist Mary and her volunteers be more easily able to bulk up the essential winter meals.

With this new equipment she can cook up rice (normally unavailable) in a large professional hospitality-style Rice Cooking machine.  This will give larger, more sustainable and longer-lasting meals and nutrition to the people who need it, compliments of Mary and the wonderful Fred’s Van Team.


Research shows that a 20 litre appliance would cost approximately $300 and a larger, more appropriate appliance would be up around $700. (Wouldn’t it be great if we could get Mary 2) ?

Depending on how much we all can raise, Splashout can gift the equipment to Mary and the Fred’s Van Team who need it so desperately, especially with the forthcoming change of seasons.

Mary’s dinner guests often include people who are not only needy, desperate or homeless, but on many occasions are just about to give up hope.  Mary’s friendly face and the amazing meals can often give that necessary lift and a glimmer of hope to people who may have otherwise decided to give up.

Our campaign closes 5.00 pm on Wednesday 24 April, 2019.

The ‘Splashout Art Studios Team’ has just kicked off and got the ball rolling by donating $150 so we’re up and running and now it’s over to you guys !

Thanking you all very much from the Splashout Team, Mary Dittmar, Fred’s Van and especially their ‘guests’.

Your kind donation can be paid to Splashout Art Studios by:

  • Electronic funds transfer to Splashout Art Studios – BSB: 735621 | Account: 545035 | Account Name: Splashout Studios (VERY IMPORTANT: please use “Fred & your surname” as reference)
  • Paypal (using the button below – please use your name as reference)
  • Going to the ‘Splashout Art Gallery’, 71A Jetty Road, Brighton where there will be a donation tin.
Splashout client, Mary Dittmar | Photo: courtesy City of Onkaparinga 'Onkaparinga Now'
Goal: $300
Goal: $700