Current Exhibitions

Splashout Art Studios presents . . .
Two new Exhibitions on Jetty Road, Brighton, South Australia

Dates: 16 October – 9 December, 2018

A whole new mix of fabulous Impressionist & Abstract Artworks by various Members of Splashout Art Studios – ‘Brighton Jetty Abstracts’ and ‘Brighton Jetty Impressionists’.
Raising funds for ‘The Marilyn Jetty Swim Team’ & ‘Cancer Council SA’

Pictured: Some of the Splashout/Cafe Lune Team

Splashout Art Gallery

Brighton Jetty ‘Impressionists’

71a Jetty Road, Brighton, South Australia 5048

Participating Artists:

Amanda Jones, Barbara Warner, Bernadette Woodward, Cat Leonard, Christine Huxtable, Helga Hale, Jackie Morris, Janette Humble, Jo Dwight, Jo Headon, Kathy Doley, Kristen Ryan, Linda Mackay, Linda Weber, Liz Hodgman, Marilyn Mitchell, Maureen Finck, Pip Hanlon, Roma Muzzatti, Sarah Philip, Stephanie Critchley, Suzanne Jacobson, Suzy Tilley

All artworks are for sale at the Splashout Art Gallery and via our Online Gallery

Cafe Lune Restaurant / Gallery

Brighton Jetty ‘Abstracts’

81 Jetty Road, Brighton, South Australia 5048

Participating Artists:

Aileen Jackson, Anita Moric, Cat Leonard, Chris Brooks, Denise Bourassa, Jo Dwight, Jo Headon, Julie Anne Bates, Kathryn Gratton, Lisa Stewart, Madi Elkin, Mary Foster, Michelle Ellis, Phil Aldridge, Sue Fuller

All artworks are for sale at the Splashout Art Gallery and via our Online Gallery


The ‘Splashout Art Gallery’ on Jetty Road, Brighton is run on a non-profit basis and exists only to promote local artists and raise funds for various causes.
Currently our Artists are donating part funds from the sale of Artworks, to the ‘Marilyn Jetty Swim’ Team & Cancer Council SA.

All paintings are for sale.
Purchase at the Gallery in person or ring our Studio office on (08) 8296 3859
Or buy via our online Gallery.

Major credit cards accepted

Regular opening hours:

Splashout Art Gallery: 9.00 am – 4.00 pm Daily
Cafe Lune:   
7.30 am – 3.00 pm Sunday – Tuesday
7.30 am – 9.00 pm Wednesday – Saturday
(see websites & social media links below)

Splashout Art Gallery

71a Jetty Road, Brighton, South Australia 5048

The quirky little ‘Splashout Art Gallery’ is one of Adelaide’s favourites and fits in perfectly with the funky beachside Cafe/Shopping Vibe down on Jetty Road, Brighton, South Australia !

It’s small and vibrant with constant displays by local artists.  All artworks in the Gallery are created by members of the nearby ‘Splashout Art Studios’.

Café Lune 

81 Jetty Road, Brighton, South Australia 5048

Bringing fresh, local contemporary cuisine to this popular beachside strip, Café Lune is committed to providing an exceptional dining experience.

Qualified chefs, fine wines and a spacious, light-filled area.  The perfect venue for your next outing or private function.

Tel:  8298 2899


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Splashout Art Gallery

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