In the Spirit of Rothko

With Guest Presenter Liana Vargas (BVA)

IMG_3092DATE:  Sunday 20 November, 2016
TIME:  10.00 am – 4.00 pm
VENUE:  Splashout Art Studios, 5 Ravine Street, Marino
FEE:  $180 (includes stretched canvas and painting materials)
Complimentary refreshments are available throughout the workshop

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About Mark Rothko:

In this Workshop we will be utilising application, philosophy and painting techniques used by Mark Rothko (1903-1970) who is considered one of the foremost figures of Abstract Expressionism. He believed painting was an emotional and spiritual experience, for both himself and its viewers. He sought to transport the viewer to new realms of emotion and perception.  Although his paintings may initially appear simplistic and repetitive, their composition, visual effects and emotional impact are complex. For Rothko, “a painting is not a picture of an experience, it is an experience.” One viewer’s personal experience of a Rothko painting cannot duplicate that of another.


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About the Workshop:

We will work our canvas throughout the day to evolve, by way of an infinite layering of acrylic paint, to arrive at a totally individual colour hue, shade and tone.

No textures or sculpting of the canvas but pure colour only through thin vales of paint layered onto each preceding layer.

Colour theory as well as well thought out and informed use of physiological and emotional responses to various colours will be employed by each painter attending this workshop.

Participants will be asked to keep a colour diary in the month leading up to the workshop.  The colour diary will simply be an instinctive, non-premeditated choice of colour made at the same time everyday and recorded in your diary.  This can be done simply by looking at a set of colour pencils and choosing a colour which appeals to you that day … make the choice an automatic one made without any pre-emptive thought.

1416256927438IMG_3086On the day:

Workshop will begin with a short tutorial on the Rothko’s process, application, philosophy and painting techniques as well as viewing some of his paintings.

A brief discussion will begin on the basics of colour mixing (how you might arrive at your colour choice, hue, shade and a little into theory and the emotional responses that certain colours can evoke. During this part of the workshop participants will be asked to present their colour diaries for show and tell and to discuss their findings.

A demonstration will be given on how to approach your initial paint applications

Participants will then make a colour choice to work towards for the day, or they can choose the colour most often repeated in their colour diary.

Liana will move around the studio assisting each participant throughout the workshop and at the end of the day all the paintings will be presented for a group critique and photos.

ABOUT LIANA VARGAS – Guest presenter

lianaLiana started her creative career in the profession of Dance, with ‘Flamenco’ as her specialist genre.  She has studied and performed dance and art worldwide with notable achievements.  During her Flamenco years she danced in venues such as ‘The Royal Albert Hall’, ‘Covent Garden’ and ‘Saddlers Wells’.

On retiring from dance she switched her creative focus to another art form – ‘Drawing & Painting’.  Liana gained her Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA).  Shortly after graduating in 2014 Liana was offered ‘Artist in residence’ at the ‘Scuola Internationale de Grafica’in Venice, which of course she accepted.

Liana describes herself as an ‘abstract expressionist’ and can turn her hand to many methods and styles in a wide range of art forms.  Liana’s study and experience has breadth and innovation, which has led her to becoming a well known character within the South Australian art scene.  In addition to presenting workshops at various ‘Adelaide Hills’ locations, she also runs art classes for kids/teens at her home studio at Littlehampton.  In 2016 Liana joined Splashout Art Studios as a ‘Guest Presenter’ and is now also on the ‘General Instructing Team’.



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