Splashout Terms and Conditions

“Welcome to Splashout Art Studios.  We can assure you that every effort is made to tutor art education in a professional and responsible manner.  We would appreciate feedback on any service issues if they arise.  Please read our terms/policies below for your information”. Jenny Tuck (Manager).


General Painting:  To enrol for General Painting, applicants must have completed Splashout ‘Introduction’ and ‘Intermediate’ courses or have prior learning/experience. (If uncertain, please ring to discuss.)

Intermediate:  To enrol for ‘Intermediate Drawing and Painting’ applicants must have completed the Splashout ‘Introduction’ course or have prior learning/experience. (If uncertain please ring to discuss before booking.)


Bookings for terms or workshops can only be made with a deposit or full payment (whichever applies).
Deposits vary with each event and are non refundable/non transferable.
Term deposits are $ 70 minimum.  Workshop deposits are usually $70.

Beginners: Balance due (in full) prior to first session – you will receive an invoice by email.
General Painters: Balance due (in full) prior to first session – an invoice will be emailed.

Deposits for each Workshop must be paid with each multiple booking.


Please choose carefully, Splashout does not provide refunds except where a course is cancelled.
Should you miss one or more sessions – full fee is still payable.
Splashout does not accept responsibility for changes in personal circumstances.


In the case on non-attendance or lateness, notice is appreciated.
Catch-up time can no longer be offered, due to fullness of classes.


Punctuality is appreciated to maintain an effective, relaxed, learning process.
Sessions commence on time – late arrival hinders the group’s progress.
Studio is open 15 minutes prior to each session.


Enrolment information is private and only accessed by Splashout staff.
Splashout does not share your information with other organisations/clients.
If your details are requested it is Splashout policy to decline.


Splashout utilises emails for communication, plus Australia post and in house notice boards.
Emails are kept to appropriate content ie: exhibitions – events – news – information.

SPLASHOUT ART SUPPLIES: see Studio Discount Shop

Full payment at time of purchase please

Payment options: Major Credit Cards – eftpos – cash – cheque

Special orders: Most items can be ordered in. We can purchase for you, or your friends, with a generous discount off usual retail store prices.


Splashout utilises class and workshop photos to assist with news and marketing, if you prefer you are excluded from photos please inform the office.

Thank you for taking the time to read these terms.