If you are currently undertaking Classes or Workshops at Splashout Art Studios, any changes to your enrolment should be made in accordance with our regular Policies (below).
Note: all current modifications are to be treated as temporary and at this stage will only apply during the current Coronavirus situation.

Temporary Policy

Should you need to withdraw from a class/workshop any monies paid will be kept in credit for you. 

Future Bookings

Bookings and deposits are required for future classes/workshops.

  1. In the case of a Government directive to close groups, any monies paid will be kept in credit for you to use (in any way) at a future time. If you feel it’s necessary, we can create a voucher that you may have in your hand, however the onus is on you to request it.
  2. In the case of Splashout electing to close, the same policies will apply.

Whose Responsibility Is It?

The responsibility for claiming the voucher is yours if you feel it’s appropriate.

Personal Health Issues

It is imperative that if you are unwell and presenting with flu or cold symptoms or if you have come into contact with someone returning from a high risk area, that you stay home, consult with your medical doctor and only return to the Studio as advised by your doctor. IMPORTANT: Please notify Splashout of your situation (many have done so for which we are extremely grateful).

This is critical in making sure that our Splashout community – staff, tutors, clients and visitors – can be assured their health and safety has been safeguarded.

If we all stay calm, follow Government requirements and advice and help each other, we shall pass through this phase knowing we’ve done our best.

As always, good health to all and feel free to contact any time.

Please note all Terms are open to variation based on changes in Government updates, regulations and/or advice.

All these Temporary Terms are in response to the COVID-19 situation and do not set any precedents moving forward.
As soon as the current health situation eases, we will revert to our regular Policies.

Regular Policies

“Welcome to Splashout Art Studios where every effort is made to Tutor Art Education in a professional and responsible manner.  I would appreciate personal feedback on any service issues (if they arise).  Please read our policies below for your information”. Jenny Tuck (Manager).


General Painting:  To enrol for General Painting, applicants must have completed Splashout ‘Introduction’ and ‘Intermediate’ courses or have prior learning/experience. (If uncertain, please ring to discuss.)

Intermediate:  To enrol for ‘Intermediate Drawing and Painting’ applicants must have completed the Splashout ‘Introduction’ course or have prior learning/experience. (If uncertain please ring to discuss before booking.)


The Studio opens 15 minutes prior to each session.

The first session of the term is ‘obligatory’ as it covers a detailed briefing of what you need to know and expect. Attendance at this first session is essential.

Clients who are unable to attend this session are asked to notify us and will be encouraged to undertake a future term where they’re able to commit to full attendance.

In the case on non-attendance or lateness, notice is appreciated.

Catch-up time is NOT offered, due to fullness of classes.


Workshop Multiple Booking Discounts: Discounts are available when booking multiple Workshops. Deposits for each Workshop must be paid with booking.  The discounts will be applied to the Workshop balances.

Workshop Punctuality: The studio opens 15 minutes prior to each Workshop.

Punctuality is essential as there is a presentation by the Tutor at the start of each Workshop. Any late arrival would disrupt and greatly inconvenience the group and the tutor’s planned process.

Once this presentation commences, the Studio doors will be closed for the briefing and/or demonstration. If this is missed, you would not have the necessary knowledge to attend the remainder of the Workshop.


Bookings for classes or workshops can only be made with a deposit or full payment (whichever applies).
Deposits vary with each event and are non refundable/non transferable.
Term deposits are $ 70 minimum.  Workshop deposits are $70.

Class and Workshop balances are due (in full) prior to first session – you will receive an invoice by email.


Please choose carefully, Splashout does not provide refunds or transfers except where an event is cancelled by Splashout.
Should you miss one or more sessions – full fee is still payable.
Splashout does not accept responsibility for changes in personal circumstances.


Enrolment information is private and only accessed by Office staff.
Splashout does not share your information with other organisations or clients.


Splashout uses emails for communication, plus Australia post and in-house notice boards.
Emails are kept to appropriate content ie: exhibitions – events – news – information.


Splashout has an Art Supplies Shop for purchase of art supplies. Full payment at time of purchase please.  Find out more HERE

Payment options: Major Credit Cards – eftpos – cash – cheque

Special orders: Most items can be ordered in. We are happy to purchase for you (or your friends) with a generous discount off regular retail store prices.


Splashout uses class and workshop photos to assist with news and marketing, if you prefer to be excluded from photos please inform the office.

Thank you for taking the time to read these policies. Enjoy your time with Splashout !