15 March 2020

Hello to all Clients (past & present)

As news about the Coronavirus continues to develop, the health, safety and well-being of all at ‘Splashout Art Studios’ is a priority.

We are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and following the Australian Government updates to help mitigate the risk of this virus being spread to, or through, our community.

As a Privately Owned / Independent (small) Art School, we do not know of any advice that would affect our operations, and will continue our term classes, weekend workshops and short courses as scheduled.

We are however taking precautionary measures to ensure that you can continue to attend ‘Splashout Art Studios’ and enjoy your Art Education with us.


The extra measures we have put in place include providing hand sanitiser in both the Studio & Gallery entries; frequently cleaning high touch points (handles, taps etc); always putting cups and utensils to drip dry.  Soap bars have been removed and replaced with liquid pump soap.  A Professional Cleaner will also attend the studio weekly for a ‘hard clean’.


All towels (and tea-towels) have been removed and replaced with paper towels in  dispensers.  All are kept topped up, ready for your use.


If you have travelled to or had contact with someone returning from a high risk area, please follow advice from the Australian Government, particularly regarding isolation protocol.


Please also advise Splashout office via (08) 8296 3859 or email: art@splashout.net.au  of any of the above situations.


If you personally are unwell, the requirement is that you stay at home and / or consult your GP.

If you do not meet any of the above criteria, then you should feel confident to attend ‘Splashout Art Studios’ and the ‘Splashout Art Gallery’.

Many thanks for your co-operation, and we look forward to continuing to create fabulous Art in our professional, happy and healthy studio.  If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me directly on (08) 8296 3859 or by email: art@splashout.net.au

Kind regards and remember – this too will pass.

Jenny Tuck

Manager / Proprietor
Splashout Art Studios