Pop Art

Pop Art Workshop

Workshop Presenter: Cat Leonard

Date: Sunday 24 October, 2021

Time: 10.00 am – 3.00 pm

Included in Fee:

  • Quality stretched canvas for final painting
  • Full selection acrylic paint colours
  • Use of easel, palette, solvent, medium, sketch paper

To bring:

  • Paint Brushes in a range of sizes
    OR Splashout can supply a brush kit at a reduced price of $30
  • Soft rags (ie old t-shirts)
  • Your own cup/mug
  • Your own lunch

Location: Splashout Art Studios, 5 Ravine Street, Marino, South Australia

Fee: $225

The Workshop

Let’s go retro and back to the days of Andy Warhol and ‘The Factory’ in New York where he created some of the most fantastic, ground breaking artworks of the ’60s. Referred to hereafter as ‘POP ART’. It was an amazing era of celebrity, colour, breaking boundaries and getting right out there in the name of spontaneity and liberation !

Cat will take you (step by step) through your paces and show you how to create your own ‘POP ART’ masterpiece in her own very early signature style through which she first became well known in South Australia. (Enjoy scrolling through some of Cat’s pop art style paintings on this page.)

Splashout Exhibitions Cat Leonard
Pop Art Workshop

POP ART – The style:
Think:- Campbell’s Soup tins, paintings of Marilyn Monroe, Velvet Underground and New York USA.  Think:- Rock Stars / Artists / Lou Reed and David Bowie.  It was a time of mind bending boundary pushing in all areas of The Arts, Theatre, Music and Society at large !

POP ART – The era – 1960s:
It was a time of an extreme Artistic revolution where Andy Warhol and his contemporaries broke free of society’s norms and rewired the world’s thinking, through the medium of Art.  Bowie, Mercury, Jagger, Reed and many others hung at Warhol’s famous New York Studio known as ‘The Factory’ where he created some of the most ‘out there’ ground breaking artworks of the 60’s – Referred to for ever more as ‘POP ART’.

It was an amazing era of celebrity, colour, breaking boundaries and getting right ‘out there’ in the name of liberty and self expression.

Drugs played rather a big part too, but you don’t have to take them during the workshop !

Samples of previous participants’ results

The Presenter

Cat Leonard is an award winning South Australian Artist.  She specialises in portraiture of many types and is highly sought after for both her artworks and her illustrations.  Cat’s style is ‘mod’, ‘funky’, ‘pop’ and often with a multi-colured, slight zany twist!  An exceedingly, well recognised South Australian Artist and now a Splashout Tutor. (Check out her self portrait here.)


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