Abstract expressionist painting with Liana Vargas (BVA)

LIANA PROMO PIC 1Day/Date: Sunday 25 June 2017
Time: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm
Full day fee: $190

INCLUDES:  Large 30″ x 40″ canvas.  Plus, each participant will have use of their own personal ‘Shades of White’ workshop kit.
Each kit will consist of the various products, materials and equipment needed to fulfil the process.  The kit is yours to use for the duration of the workshop.  Each person is responsible for the use, upkeep and cleaning of their kit throughout the workshop and at the end.  NOTE: All the various kit components will be available in the ‘Splashout Shop’, at special workshop prices, for those wishing to continue their practise at home.

Complimentary refreshments available throughout.  (BYO lunch) 

Location: Splashout Art Studios, 5 Ravine Street, Marino, South Australia 5049

The Workshop:  This workshop is very much a learning experience, where participants will be shown and practise specific techniques and skills in how to paint ‘White’ in abstract form. 

The Process:  Firstly Liana will share a brief history of ‘White’ and talk about some of the artists who have achieved exceptional results with ‘White’ (includes slideshow presentation).  Liana will then outline the plan for the day and walk you through the contents of your kits, explaining how to use and care for each item.

You will then be shown how to get started, with a brief demonstration.  From here you will be on your way, with Liana moving through the group and assisting/demonstrating as and where she feels necessary and/or beneficial.  From time to time the group will stop and assess where they are at, discuss what’s next, and plan how best to achieve it before we go forward.

As we slowly move through the various stages of the workshop, you will find you are more and more able to simply experience the joy of creating ‘Shades of white’ !

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Pictured: Samples of Liana’s personal work in ‘shades of white’.

 YouTube-logo-full_color slideshows:

April ‘Shades of White’ workshop – CLICK HERE
February ‘Shades of White’ workshop – CLICK HERE

About Liana Vargas:  Liana started her creative career in the profession of Dance, with ‘Flamenco’ as her specialist genre.  She has studied and performed dance and art worldwide with notable achievements.  During her Flamenco years she danced in venues such as ‘The Royal Albert Hall’, ‘Covent Garden’ and ‘Saddlers Wells’.  On retiring from dance she switched her creative focus to another art form – ‘Drawing & Painting’.  Liana gained her Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) in 2014 and shortly after graduating was offered ‘Artist in residence’ at the ‘Scuola Internationale de Grafica’in Venice, which of course she accepted.

Liana describes herself as an ‘abstract expressionist’ and can turn her hand to many methods and styles in a wide range of art forms.  Liana’s study and experience has breadth and innovation, which has led her to becoming a well known character within the South Australian art scene.  In addition to presenting workshops at various ‘Adelaide Hills’ locations, she also runs art classes for kids/teens at her home studio at Littlehampton.  In December 2015 Liana joined the ‘Splashout Team’ as a ‘Guest Artist’ / Workshops.  Through 2016 Liana will also instruct some of the Splashout ‘General Painting’ sessions.

Liana says: “During the workshop we shall explore a monochromatic white palette and enter a universe of potential subtleties for your paintings.  Once we slow down and gradually move through this highly creative process, you can look forward to experiencing a fulfilling sense of liberating self expression” !

Check out Liana’a website HERE

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Pictured: Images from February’s ‘Shades of White’ workshop

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 Past participant’s feedback:

“I am very happy with the way my piece turned out and everything I learned.”  Kelly Strugnell (May 2016)
“It was wonderful to create and finish a piece of art which I have taken home with pride.”
Michelle Ellis (May 2016)
“It was fabulous to experiment with Gesso and allow myself to go with the process in this excellent workshop.”  Liz Hodgman (May 2016)
“Being an artist who loves colour I was astounded how much pleasure I got from softening my painting with layers of white, which resulted in a pleasing, tranquil, abstract painting in various shades of white.”  Suzy Tilley (Feb 2016)
“A huge learning curve to know it’s OK to paint white washes over colour and create something fabulous.” Anne Cross (Feb 2016)
“A wonderful experience, liberating, fabulous and enjoyable.” Krysia Ciesiolkiewicz (Splashout Principle Instructor)
Such a lovely way to spend an afternoon!  I loved this experience!” Vicky Dickson (February 2016)
“What a fabulous day, the work that came out was amazing – I have booked in for the next one”.  Madeleine Elkin (February 2016)

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Article about W
hite abstract artworks on the ‘Bloomberg View’ website:  Click HERE


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