“See the music – hear the colour” – Kandinski

With guest presenter: Liana Vargas (BVA)

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When:  Sunday 2 October 2016
Time: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm
Location: Splashout Art Studios, 5 Ravine Street, Marino, South Australia 5049
Fee: $180

Includes: Large Stretched Canvas and ALL materials, including full use of Splashout Oils and Acrylic paints.
Accompanied by South Australian Cellist:  Harriet Davies.


On receipt of your booking form and payment, a confirmation/briefing document will be sent to you by email.

There is nothing to bring: 

Please Note: Places are only secured on receipt of $ 75 deposit.

IMPORTANT: Places are limited to 10 people only.



Photo:  A Kandisnsky style work by Krsytyna Ciseiolkiewicz (Splashout proprietor)

About the workshop:

The workshop is inspired by the philosophy, ideals, techniques and processes used by the Russian Abstract Expressionist Wassilly KANDINSKY (1866 – 1944)

Kandinsky described himself as a ‘Synaesthesist’.  He saw music as colour.  Kandinsky was looking to paint beyond objects and to paint colours that played the human soul like an instrument.  He found his muse in music and saw a variety of colours when he listened.  He wanted to put this on canvas.  He believed certain emotional responses were aligned with particular colours.  We are familiar with this idea now,  but in his time this was a new concept.

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Kandinsky, who was born in Russia, believed music was the key to his Art and was greatly moved by it.  For many of us, the connection between sight and sound is metaphorical, we poetically understand the connection between our senses: colours are loud, music is soft, etc.  Literally history is overflowing with these types of multi-sensory descriptions.  Kandinsky was different, his understanding was visceral and experiential.  It was out of this experience of a unity of our senses that he described his pursuit of a monumental art form of intertwined music and art, joined in three-dimensional space.

Kandinsky said: “Colour is the key. The eye is the hammer. The soul is the piano with its many chords. The artist is the hand that, by touching this or that key, sets the soul vibrating automatically.”   Following Kandinsky’s lead,  Liana Vargas has collaborated with ‘Splashout Art Studios’ to design a unique sensory approach to abstract painting for this coming workshop.

Splashout has commissioned South Australian Cellist:  Harriett Davies to play, live in the studio.  This is designed to set the scene and provide inspiration for the first two hours of the workshop.

With Splashout having its own Art Gallery on Jetty Road, Brighton, we have set the space aside between Saturday 15 October and Thursday 27 October for the finished works to be on show and for sale.  The exhibition ‘Kandinsky’ would consist of the workshop paintings only (no other artwork).  There will be an official opening event and good marketing support.  More news on this during the workshop.  PLEASE NOTE:  This is simply an additional (non-obligatory) opportunity that is absolutely optional.  Fine if you do and fine if you don’t !

studio shot

Some finished pieces from the August workshop

About the Workshop:
To begin with, a short tutorial will be presented with a slide show of works by Kandinsky, including an outline of his process and beliefs.

Participants will then be asked to respond through colour and line to live cello music, in the studio, played by South Australian Cellist: Harriett Davies.  This will be achieved, through a series of improvised ‘warm up’ sketches on canvas sheets.

These studies will inspire the composition for the major work on the larger canvas sized 30″ x 40″.

Liana will demonstrate, guide and inform you all along the way, stopping from time to time, so the group may meander the studio and view each other’s progress.

This is a full day Workshop (6 hours) with breaks and time to enjoy a BYO lunch, with the group. General refreshments (complimentary) are available throughout the day.



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A selection of photos from the recent August 2016 Kandinsky workshop.

ABOUT: LIANA VARGAS: Guest presenter

lianaLiana started her creative career in the profession of Dance, with ‘Flamenco’ as her specialist genre.  She studied and performed worldwide with notable achievements.  On retiring from dance she switched her creative focus to ‘Fine Art’.

In 2010 Liana embarked on her ‘Bachelor of Visual Arts’ (BVA).  In 2014, shortly after graduating she was offered ‘Artist in residence’ at the ‘Scuola Internationale de Grafica’in Venice, which of course she accepted.  Liana describes herself as an ‘abstract expressionist’ and can turn her hand to many methods and styles in a wide range of art forms.

Liana’s study and experience has breadth and innovation, which has led her to becoming a well known character within the SA art scene.  In addition to having presented many workshops throughout ‘Adelaide Hills’ venues, she now runs classes at her Littlehampton home studio.  In January 2016 Liana joined ‘Splashout Art Studios’ as one of several Guest Presenters in their extensive Workshop Programme.



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