This lesson was originally created when we very quickly launched our ‘Fill the Gap’ FREE online learning program.

As soon as Krysia and myself had completed it we both knew immediately that the process is actually quite advanced learning.
Krysia has asked me to inform you that whilst the sound track is referring to ‘Intermediate’ level, it actually is very advanced learning, far more appropriate for ‘General Painting’ level which is why we present it for you today. Cheers, Jenny

THE CHALLENGE (1 week project)

This process demonstrates the subtle transition of tonal gradation.
It involves transition of darkest to lightest tones and then back up to dark using 2 different colours plus white.

A Tip. The pressure of your brush will make the difference.

This is not about going at it like a ‘bull at a gate’ it requires a fair amount of skill and finesse.
You will achieve a more effective result by taking this one slowly.

Simply hit the arrow and enjoy the presentation (12.41 minutes).

Feel free to send in your progress photos via art@splashout.net.au and definitely please send in your final finished artwork to which your Tutor will reply.


Please photograph your final result and email to Splashout for feedback – art@splashout.net.au

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