Intermediate Drawing & Painting – Project 3 (2 weeks)

This third project commences with an ‘overview’ from Splashout Proprietor and creator of this course, Krystyna Ciesiolkiewicz.

At the end of Krystyna’s presentation there will be an assignment for you to fulfil.
Please photograph when finished and email in your photograph for feedback or direction before continuing on to the next Stage.
Timeline:  Due in 4 days

The next stages (added 1/6/2020) are instructional videos from Splashout Tutor, Cat Leonard, under the direction of Krystyna.
Please watch and listen to each video one at a time.  Please carry out each assignment (stage) one at a time.

Overview Video (Krystyna)

Please view the overall introductory briefing for the project with Krystyna Ciesiolkiewicz DipT BEd (Fine Arts)

Stage 1

Please view Stage 1 of this project with Cat Leonard

Stage 2

Please view the 2nd and final stage of this project with Cat Leonard

Please enjoy Cat’s final finished painting for this project and check out the fabulous background she has included – these wonderful extras will be learnt by you in future sessions at Splashout.


Photograph your initial drawing and email to:
Once you’ve received feedback for your initial drawing, please move onto the next Stage.

Once you’ve viewed Stage 1 and Stage 2 videos, it’s time to get started on your painting.
When your painting is complete, please take a photo and send in for Cat’s final feedback:
Please complete this by Wednesday 10 June, 2020