Splashout Art Studios (South Australia) has presented excellent services since 2002

The organisation is led by a qualified professional team with a unique mix of skills

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Krystyna (Krysia) Ciesiolkiewicz

(Dip.T. & B Ed. Fine Arts)
Principal instructor/Program design/Co-founder Splashout

Krysia's key exhibitions:
Adelaide Festival Centre. Dom Polski Centre. Royal Society of Arts SA.
Pol-Art Adelaide. Pol-Art Sydney. South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA) 2010 - 2015  Vargas Gallery/Chalk Hill Winery/Tomich Wines Gallery - SA. Nouvelle Scene Gallery (Canada)  Member: Royal Society of Arts SA

Australian born Krystyna Ciesiolkiewicz has enjoyed 38 years of achievement in Art and Education, including South Australian High Schools and TAFE. Krysia, who has also worked in the business and community sector, is now developing a team of Splashout tutors who are exceptionally well qualified to get you started in art and guide you as you progress along your way.  Scroll down to check out the team.

Krysia's personal artwork hangs in private collections locally, interstate and overseas.  As do the works of her trainees, many of whom started out with Krysia as absolute beginners.  Some of these trainees have even gone on to run their own art classes.

Krysia is a well regarded South Australian Artist/Art Educator.  She creates highly effective Art education Classes/Courses/Programs.  She has a reputation for patient, well planned, skillful facilitation and demonstrates excellent group leadership skills.  Splashout tutors practise these same principles under Krysia's coordination, direction and guidance.  Check out some of Krysia's personal work in our Youtube clip.

Feedback from one of Krystyna's many clients:

'I want to give my appreciation for how much I have learnt over the past few weeks with our 'silver' painting.  You have taught me so much in regard to the shapes and colours in reflections and it has shown me how to look in other areas to bring into my paintings and improve my outcomes.  Thank you.'  Helen Hussey, Splashout client, March 2016

Jenny Tuck: Manager/Co-founder Splashout

Jenny's career spans a range of sectors with significant achievements.

She has held senior executive/management positions in national manufacturing/marketing companies (UK & Australia).
Jenny has also managed her own 'Training & Development' business.  She has been an instructor with the 'Department of Technical and Further Education' (TAFE). She coordinated 'Personal Leadership' programs working with long term unemployed youth, in the nationally recognised non-profit, 'Youth Opportunities'.  (Where Jenny was also a founding Board Member).

Study:  'Dip Business' (Technical College, UK). Attended 'Diploma Training & Development' (Uni SA)
Career:  Corporate sector, plus General Business sector.  TAFE.  Community sector/Non Profit Organisations.
Key focus:  Leadership. Education. Marketing. Business. Communication skills & Life skills.

In 2002 Jenny retired from mainstream and founded 'Splashout Art Studios' with Krystyna Ciesiolkiewicz.  Having coordinated many professional training programmes and organisations, she knows what it takes to create an effective learning environment.  Jenny also manages Splashout's unique mix of 'extras' including: 'Splashout Art Supplies' | 'Splashout Art Galleries' | 'Splashout Tours'.

Jenny says 'The aim of the Splashout team is for clients to enjoy the creative experience of art in a supportive, informal and professional learning environment.' 

Gaynor Jarvis: Administration Manager (Part time)

Gaynor has a successful track record in office and organisational administration.  She works part time in the Splashout office, with key administrative responsibilities and also acts as Jenny's assistant in the overall general management of Splashout.

Gaynor, a past client of Splashout, is now an artist in her own right.  She also works with the 'ACH Group' (part time) running social programs for seniors.

Gaynor is usually to be found in the Splashout Office/shop and will ensure that your enrolments and bookings all happen with ease and efficiency.  Whenever at Splashout feel free to go on in and say hi to Gaynor !

Check out some of Gaynor's artwork on her facebook and website links: https://www.facebook.com/gaynorjarvis.art  |  www.gaynorjarvis.com

Bernadette Woodward (B.Ed.ECE. Dip T): Part time tutor

Bernadette has studied art extensively and is a past client of Splashout.  She has exhibited in many solo/group exhibitions and her artwork now hangs in private collections throughout Adelaide and Australia.

Bernadette has taught youngsters at 'The Henley & Grange Art Society' since 1998 and is also a teacher at 'Montessori School'.  She is well respected by Splashout clients who appreciate her knowledgeable, patient and skillful approach.

Jo Headon: Part time tutor

Jo has studied and taught art for several years.  She joined the Splashout team in January 2015 and clients report that they enjoy Jo's friendly non-threatening manner.

Jo is also a successful artist in her own right, with artworks that are well admired and frequently sell.  She also has a successful background in 'visual merchandising' in the retail business sector and brings with her a wide range of experience and skills.  Jo attends a weekly Splashout 'General Painting' Group, as a participant, to maintain her personal skill level and assists in the development of Splashout programs with Krystyna.

Check out Jo's professional facebook page:  www.facebook.com/joheadonart

Sadie Roberts (Dip Art & Design/BA Fine Arts Hons/MSocial Work): Part time tutor

Sadie originally studied Art in the UK, where she was born.  Sadie has been with Splashout (as a client) since 2009.  A highly talented artist in her own right, her artworks are frequently admired and sell well.  Splashout clients enjoy Sadie's friendly, light hearted approach to instructing.  Sadie still attends a Splashout 'General Painting' group for her own ongoing art skills development.  She joined the tutoring team in 2015 and we are delighted to have her with us.

Kathy Doley: Part time tutor

Kathy has painted for many years, primarily with oils. She is always eager and excited to develop and explore new techniques and mediums. Kathy has been a member of various art groups over the year and has also attended Adelaide Central School of Art, studying drawing and painting. She was also a member of T'Arts Collective, exhibiting in Gays Arcade, Adelaide.

Kathy has exhibited her work at:

  • Mitcham Council Chambers
  • T'Arts Collective
  • Red Poles
  • Lombard Art Gallery
  • Port Noarlunga Community Centre
  • Cotto Cafes
  • Splashout Gallery
  • Flagstaff Rotary Art Fair
  • Anderson Hill Winery (solo exhibition)

Cat Leonard: Guest Presenter - Part time tutor and guest workshop presenter

Cat is a successful, award winning South Australian Artist with a leaning towards quirky, fun, zany (sometimes political) subjects.

Cat has studied and immersed herself in Art for several years and specialises in 'BIG' - 'POP' - 'MOD' colour filled artworks.  She works in bold dynamic colours and her workshop style is described as 'upbeat' and 'liberating' !

2012 she joined the Splashout workshop team as 'Guest Presenter'.  Clients love Cat's informal, friendly method of instructing and how she ensures that every time they leave, they have an artwork to be proud of.  Please note: Cat works with acrylics only.   Check out some of Cat Leonard workshops on our website HERE

NEWS:  2016 Cat has now joined the ''General Painting' tutoring team focusing on how to get the most out of your acrylics.

Visit Cat's website here


Splashout is always on the look out for the right people to join their teams.  Some opportunities are paid and some are voluntary.   Examples:  Art education tutors/Workshop presenters/Art Gallery sitters/Event support/Art trip leaders/Fundraising coordinators

If you have or know someone with skills that could be utilised at Splashout, please contact Jenny Tuck to register interest and discuss. Tel: (08) 8296 3859 Email: art@splashout.net.au