Since 2002 Splashout has designed, organised and hosted many Travel Groups through Australia and Europe.
Splashout Art Tour guests have explored destinations such as Melbourne, Sydney, Paris, The French Riviera, Provence, Rome, Tuscany, Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri and Monte Carlo to name but a few !

Picture: Sketching in Tuscany


Picture: Gourmet dining in far away places

Splashout in Flinders Ranges

  • When: Dates to be confirmed
  • Where: Quorn, South Australia
  • What:  En plein air/cultural tour

Art/Meditation Retreat

  • When: Dates to be confirmed
  • Where: Nairne, South Australia
  • What: Rural, Outdoor Painting Workshop
  • Residential – Including catered Gourmet Cuisine plus Introduction Meditation Sessions

Guests Feedback

“My ‘Splashout in Italy’ Art Tour was a dream come true.  It was wonderful to travelling with a group to enjoy the art, culture, history, food and scenery of Italy.   The Art Workshop in Tuscany was thoroughly enriching, with the Tutor’s endless Art History knowledge.  It was such an enjoyable trip.”  Jo Headon (2016)

“I was lucky enough to be part of the ‘Splashout in Italy’ 2016 group. There was a good balance of relaxing time out and organised tours.  The organised tours were a highlight for me as they were well thought out, with our own private tour guides who were creative storytellers were extremely knowledgeable.  Everything was pre-booked, with no waiting in lines for hours or trying to get to and from locations.  Accommodation was great and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Would recommend to anyone.” Madeleine Elkin (2016)

“The 2016 ‘Splashout in Italy’ tour was a sumptuous feast of visual and cultural delights; amazing history, food and art.  Excellent organisation and accommodation; well balanced re activities, transport and free time.  Marvellous.”  Bella Lake (2016)

“Everything went so smoothly it was like travelling on air!  The guided tours were fantastic.  I have been going to Melbourne for decades and had never visited the ‘South Melbourne Markets’, especially as a food experience.  What a great idea – loved it !”  Rosemary Paxinos (2017)

Just loved the Melbourne ‘Van Gogh’ experience all round. A most enjoyable, seamless trip.” Leonie Hiesley (2017)

“The ‘Splashout in Melbourne’ instalment payment option was very helpful.  The accommodation was great and well within walking range of the Gallery, Markets and Restaurants.  Absolutely loved the tour around South Melbourne markets.”  Anne Cross (2017)

“Well organised trip.  The itinerary was really good, the food, wine very enjoyable and the people were great.”  David Hiesley (France 2012)

“It was like being part of a wonderful movie, from plane rides, bus rides, underground, above ground – just amazing.  Paris at night with the music playing and the Eiffel Tower sparkling.  The Louvre, the Mona Lisa, beautiful views from the Restaurants by the water.  What a privilege to have a trip of this standard.  Monet’s garden was unbelievable, Cezanne and every other painter we experienced.  To stand out in front of the real thing, to tread where they trod, to feel like we were part of this history of art is something I will treasure forever.  So finally thanks to Splashout – sensational!” Leonie Hiesley (France 2012)

“Travelling, Nice component, Paris, Giverney; before and after the workshop were meticulously organised by Splashout.  The organising was thoughtful, kind and sharing of previous experience.  I greatly appreciated all of it.  This included group bookings for galleries and pre-purchase of tickets.  Ken and I know we benefited from Splashout’s experience.  The learning, sights, experiences and opportunity for development to the next level artistically were exemplary.  We had unique opportunities to have depth and breadth of experience that we could not have found ourselves.  It was a significant learning experience but was lots of fun too.  We had a holiday with purpose.  It was unforgettable and we are very glad we went.  Thank you Splashout.”  Ken & Marion Mayes (France 2012)


Riz Callisto
Branch Manager
Phil Hoffmann Travel

Splashout has utilised the services of Riz Callisto from Phil Hoffmann Travel for several years.
Being one of the ‘Branch Managers’ for Australia’s highest award winning travel company, Riz has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in organising personalised itineraries, accommodation, airfares, hire cars or anything you could require for your ongoing travel.

We highly recommend Riz Callisto and suggest that if you’re considering taking advantage of the Splashout Travel Discounts with ‘Artist in Italy’, ‘Easel & Lens’ or ‘Eat. Pray. Move’ that you engage Riz to assist you with research and bookings for your trip.

Riz can be found at Phil Hoffmann Travel: 15/51 Mount Barker Road, Stirling South Australia 5152.
Call Riz anytime: + 61 8 8131 4400  Or email:

IMPORTANT: If meeting Riz at her Stirling office, please make an appointment first.

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Package your international trip with a Yoga Retreat and amazing experiences.  Splashout has partnered with EAT.PRAY.MOVE Yoga to offer you a discounted Yoga Holiday and Retreat. Enjoy a hosted superior travel experience combined with exceptional activities, tours, food, accommodation and Yoga.  Remember to claim your ‘Splashout $ 50 Discount’ reduction. (US Dollars).