Intermediate Drawing & Painting (Term 2) – Lesson 2

This second lesson contains an ‘overview’ from Splashout Proprietor and creator of this course, Krystyna Ciesiolkiewicz.

This will be followed by instructional videos from Splashout Tutor, Cat Leonard, under the direction of Krystyna.
Please watch and listen to each video one at a time.  We suggest you carry out each assignment (stage) one at a time.

STAGES 1-3 (1 week):
When you have completed your tonal sketch, please photograph and send in to Splashout via email at: within 2 days.
Your sketches will be viewed immediately and you will receive an email response quite quickly.
Once you’ve received your feedback you can proceed with your tonal painting (Stage 3).

STAGES 4-5 (2 weeks):
These stages have now been added (further down the page) for you to continue on with this project.  Remember this is a 3 week project.

Overview Video (Krystyna)

Please view the overall briefing for the project with Krystyna Ciesiolkiewicz.

See photographs of work by the artist Giotto and Vermeer.

Giotto developed this technique to give the impression of a sculpture on a flat surface.
Vermeer’s painting of ‘The Girl with the Pearl Earring’ was achieved by using the process you are now learning.
Both of these artists  are regarded as Masters at their craft and in their time.

STAGE 1 (Presented by Splashout Tutor, Cat Leonard)

Refer to photo of 3 pots and a leaf. This will be your subject matter for the lesson.

You may download and print this image HERE (pdf file) if you wish.


Please view and listen to the instructions for this next stage.



At this stage, you need to have emailed your progress photos to Splashout –

Once we have replied please continue on with Stage 4 and 5.





Please view this added extra demonstration before completing your project

This video was added on Thursday 21/5/2020.


Please photograph your tonal sketch (Stages 1-3).  Please email into Splashout:
You will receive a written response by email.

Once feedback has been received, please continue on with Stages 4 and 5 (final) and email a photo of your final work to

As stated on the video, you may email in questions at any time.